21 Days of NaNoWriMo and a Box full of Books

Twenty-one days into National Novel Writing Month, I have written over 35K words and reached Chapter 13. There are 9 days and 15K words remaining to reach the goal.
I really enjoy the way the novel is going so far. It is very unusual for me that I didn’t plot or plan the novel the way I usually do. Usually, I would plan months in advance every detail for every chapter, outline all of the plot’s twists and turns, write character sketches, etc., but not this time. There just wasn’t enough time to get that done before NaNoWriMo started on November 1st. So now, I’m winging it. What I did know though is how the third book starts and how it must end. In the mean time, I’m discovering the details of the story from here to there as I make it up. It’s fun. I like it. Well, you’ve got to try something different once in a while. There will still be the edits, lots of edits, after the first draft is done.

Besides working on Book 3, I am taking care of Book 2. I received the whole box filled with Book 2 on Thursday. Those books are contributor copies, copyright application copies, and friends and family copies. I very much enjoy this part, when the book is all done and published, to give several of copies away as gifts. I also brought two copies to the local library that took my first book as well. Hopefully, the readers will like and enjoy this second story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


NaNoWriMo – Day 15 – Halfway there

November 1st started the 2020 National Novel Writing Month. My second novel, Sophie and the Magic Seeds, began with NaNoWriMo and lots of notes and planning before hand. Trying to be quicker about my novel writing, I’ve decided to start Novel 3 this way, hoping I’ll be finishing this last book of the trilogy a bit faster than the first two.
It is now Day 15, and I’ve made it past the halfway mark, totaling 25,624 words. This time, I’m doing something different though, at least different for me: I haven’t planned the whole novel, and I only know how it starts and how it’s going to end. So, everything that happens in between, I’ll find out along the way. This is cool because normally I’m a planner and a control freak. But with precious little time to prepare, I just dived into it. Sink or swim. So far, I’m swimming.

Extra! Extra!

Great news! My second novel “Sophie and the Magic Seeds” is now available for sale in paperback and eBook formats in all major bookstores and online. It is the second book in the trilogy.

Sophie Gardener’s story continues with her troubles at home and out on her adventures on the magical island. Read the first book, “Sophie and the Magic Flower,” too and see how it all started. The eBook version of Book 1 is available for 99c until the end of the year. The paperback copy remains the same price.

Don’t forget to leave a review if you like the stories. Thank you so much.

Book 3 is underway and will wrap up the major magical events but not Sophie’s story. Stay tuned for more updates on that. I have already started planning Book 4, and there will also be a prequel to the series and a Book 5.

What? My last post was in 2018?

It’s good to visit my own webpage once in a while. I did not realize it had been not months but years since my last post. I could say that I was busy with going to college, or that I forgot, or that a virus attacked Earth, or that I lost someone dear to me. Maybe all of these are true but they are still excuses.

Coming out of my dark corner, I’ve got some good news to share though. With some of these sad things around me, I dived into finishing the sequel to my first novel and got it done. Yes, I did! The printer proof is on the way and hopefully, the book goes live soon.

Here is the blurb from the back cover:

Life with Sophie’s foster mother Trudy is going well until Trudy unwittingly sows the three Flora seeds that Sophie brought back from the magical island of Nugateris. The magical seeds grow and turn into baby girls, but two of them perish right away. If she wants to save the third girl, Sophie must return to Nugateris where the fading magic releases the demons that continue to torment the island.
Back in Nugateris, Sophie and a handful of friends are hunted by the demons while trekking north through the forbidding Ante Mountains in harsh winter conditions. They must reach the city of Mountain View and find the girl Bramble, who may hold the answers to the Flora girl’s fate and the fading magic. Will Sophie survive hardships and dangers in the search for Bramble and at the same time keep the Flora girl safe and alive? And what awaits her if she makes it back home?

Well, that’s all the news for now. I’ll be back in a few days—I promise—to let everyone know when the book is live.