I love writing and reading. In addition to children’s books, I write poetry that rhymes and songs that are funny and play them on my guitar or my piano, and sometimes on my accordion, which nobody likes but me. I have recorded two CDs of my own songs. When I’m not writing, I enjoy painting pictures of animals and flowers, or anything that strikes my fancy.

Dogs, cats, and horses have always been an important part of my life, and my love for them carries over into the stories I write. My pets, past and present, will make regular appearances, like my quirky cat Peppy, who became the Pelifeles character in Sophie and the Magic Flower. I enjoy growing plants and gardening, which also play a big part in the story. My favorite summer activity is hiking with my dog Kayla, a Labrador retriever mix, in the Colorado mountains and taking photos of the beautiful scenery.


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