Merry Christmas and A Peaceful Season

For several weeks now, I told myself I wouldn’t decorate for Christmas. No tree. No lights. I don’t know why. I guess, I just didn’t feel like it.

Then semester break started, and I’ve finally had some time to tidy up around here, having neglected my place because of school and writing. Now with extra time on my hands, I set out to remedy the situation. Books were moved from one shelf to another. Some boxes were emptied, others were filled. Some things went to charity, some in the trash, and some books needed to go into storage. So, while I was at the storage unit, my Christmas tree and the box with decorations stood right by the door. Hmm! Seeing them there, they begged me to take them home. How could I say no? They were easily snatched up and whisked away.
Last night, I listened to Christmas songs while I set up the tree, decorating it with ornaments my parents had sent me over the years. It made me nostalgic and a little sad, but when it was all done and the lights were twinkling brightly, I was glad I had done it.

Some of the decoration is just cute, like the little Elven girl with a present in one hand. So, I drew a picture of her. Wishing you all a Merry One, Everyone.


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