Extra! Extra!

Great news! My second novel “Sophie and the Magic Seeds” is now available for sale in paperback and eBook formats in all major bookstores and online. It is the second book in the trilogy.

Sophie Gardener’s story continues with her troubles at home and out on her adventures on the magical island. Read the first book, “Sophie and the Magic Flower,” too and see how it all started. The eBook version of Book 1 is available for 99c until the end of the year. The paperback copy remains the same price.

Don’t forget to leave a review if you like the stories. Thank you so much.

Book 3 is underway and will wrap up the major magical events but not Sophie’s story. Stay tuned for more updates on that. I have already started planning Book 4, and there will also be a prequel to the series and a Book 5.


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