What? My last post was in 2018?

It’s good to visit my own webpage once in a while. I did not realize it had been not months but years since my last post. I could say that I was busy with going to college, or that I forgot, or that a virus attacked Earth, or that I lost someone dear to me. Maybe all of these are true but they are still excuses.

Coming out of my dark corner, I’ve got some good news to share though. With some of these sad things around me, I dived into finishing the sequel to my first novel and got it done. Yes, I did! The printer proof is on the way and hopefully, the book goes live soon.

Here is the blurb from the back cover:

Life with Sophie’s foster mother Trudy is going well until Trudy unwittingly sows the three Flora seeds that Sophie brought back from the magical island of Nugateris. The magical seeds grow and turn into baby girls, but two of them perish right away. If she wants to save the third girl, Sophie must return to Nugateris where the fading magic releases the demons that continue to torment the island.
Back in Nugateris, Sophie and a handful of friends are hunted by the demons while trekking north through the forbidding Ante Mountains in harsh winter conditions. They must reach the city of Mountain View and find the girl Bramble, who may hold the answers to the Flora girl’s fate and the fading magic. Will Sophie survive hardships and dangers in the search for Bramble and at the same time keep the Flora girl safe and alive? And what awaits her if she makes it back home?

Well, that’s all the news for now. I’ll be back in a few days—I promise—to let everyone know when the book is live.


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