Happy Birthday, Leonardo

Several weeks ago I purchased Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo da Vinci. It’s a thick hardcover, and I promised myself I would read it as soon as I had time to tackle the tome. One thing let to another, and I didn’t touch the book for many weeks, always telling myself I don’t have time for it right now. 

My reason for wanting to read Leonardo’s biography in the first place was the description of him as a curious, intelligent, self-taught, imaginative and creative man we all could learn from, a man who also had his shortcomings and quirks we could relate to. Leonardo loved learning and was a self-taught man. 

I, too, love learning. That’s what’s important to me. Somehow, I feel akin to him, because I feel like a kid when I open a new book, or find an interesting online tutorial, or when I can spend a whole Sunday afternoon drawing and painting in my studio or work on my novel. 

Returning to my story: Today, I decided, is the day to start reading the biography. My curiosity won’t let me rest until I find out more about Leonardo and what he was like, and all the things he did and created.

As I finally open the book and look at the included timeline, I see his date of birth: April 15, 1452. I did not know that. A coincidence? 

So today I celebrate Leonardo’s birthday, his curiosity, inquisitiveness, imagination, creativity and child-like soul. 


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