NaNoWriMo Day 19

The day is almost over, and I just managed to write the daily words for my novel. Getting up this morning was extremely difficult for some reason, which cut in to my writing time in a big way. I love to write in the morning because I’m fresh and rested and come up with great ideas, but not this morning. So, I had to do it tonight, but tonight I was taking an online class, and I had to bake a bread for a potluck lunch tomorrow at work. Good thing I can sit back while the bread is baking and do other stuff.

Now I have a few minutes to spare before it’s bed time. I guess I’ll send the dog out and watch the bread cool down, and then I’ll call it a day. Getting my butt out of bed a bit earlier tomorrow morning will be top priority.

Oh, and the word count for today is 1,867.


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