Day 4 of NaNoWriMo

I’m getting close to 10,000 words, and my next achievement badge.
Today’s word count = 2566

Sophie is in deep trouble. While her foster mother is on a trip to Germany to visit her sick sister, busybody neighbor Mrs. Fieldings is looking after Sophie–sort of. While helping Mrs. Fieldings with chores, Sophie breaks an expensive vase that is somehow not in its usual place on the sideboard but stands near the living room door where Sophie knocks it over when coming around the corner. Why has the vase been there and not on the sideboard as usual?

Of course, Mrs. Fieldings wants Sophie to replace the vase before Sophie pays her debt to her friend Dianne’s mom. That means, no summer holiday for Sophie, only work, work, work to pay for it all.

If that isn’t enough, when Mrs. Fieldings comes over later to check on Sophie, they get into an argument. Sophie screams at her to get out. The woman stomps out of the house, and falls down the front steps, breaking an arm and a leg, and accusing Sophie of trying to kill her, even though Sophie tried to grab Mrs. Fieldings’ sweater and prevent the fall.

The police and an ambulance show up. Will the police believe Mrs. Fieldings or listen to Sophie?


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