Yeah, I’ve signed up!

NaNoWriMo, or if you’ve never heard of it, National Novel Writing Month starts at midnight on November 1st. Since I’m a planner, I’ve been prepping for several weeks now instead of writing the actual draft of my novel that I want to have done by December 31st. So, I’m hoping to catch up during November, or better yet, get most of it written.

To motivate myself, I’ve ordered myself a t-shirt (see photo) and will wear it at least on the first and last day, maybe even every day. It will be either very smelly from the sweat of my labor by the end of November or so washed out and shrunk that it’ll be unwearable by then.

Actually, I’m pretty motivated and curious about how far I’ll make it by November 30th. Let the journey of 50,000 words begin. Woo-Hoo!


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