A tour into the past

On the Fourth of July, the historical society in our town offers an annual “cemetery crawl”. The tour takes the visitor into the past that is the past of deceased pioneers who rest in the small quaint cemetery.

This year, I went to see what it’s all about. A tour guide took me and some other interested folks to the graves of a woman homesteader, a bar owner, a former mayor and founder of the town, and a woman rancher. Most were born some time in the nineteenth century and had come from other states, or in case of the bar owner from Sweden, and settled in this small town nestled within the Rockies. The historical society had stationed actors at each grave who made the pioneers’ stories come alive.

I used this quaint cemetery as setting for some scenes in Sophie and the Magic Flower. In the book, it’s dark and cold there, but on the Forth, sunshine and friendly people made it a pleasant place to be.

I meant to post a photo from the tour, but all the photos seem to have disappeared. Now isn’t that spooky?


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