Goals and Structure

I’ve set myself the goal of writing the first draft of my second novel and finishing it by December 31, 2015. That gives me six (short) months to do it. Phew!

I’ve got much of the plot already figured out on the Board. The Board is a pin board with three horizontal lines, breaking it into four sections. The first section is for Act I, the next two are for Act II, and the last one for Act III. I pin 3×5 cards with scene and character information on it, and anything else that might be useful. Each card is placed onto the board roughly where it falls in the story. The division of the board shows where Act 1 breaks into Act II; the midpoint, halfway through Act II; and the break point into Act III. It shows the hero’s darkest moment, the final stand, and so on.

I got this idea out of Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat book. It’s for screen writers, but I can use the basic structure to plot out my novel. Maybe some novelists will frown on this method, but I find that the basic structure of a movie is a good guideline for a novel. It’s like a basic frame for a building from the foundation to the rafters. I can always change things along the way if I get a better idea, but having some idea on where to go from the start helps me, especially finding my way through the long Act-II middle.

Anyway, on the first page of the second book, Sophie is already in trouble again, a good start for me, but not so much for her.

By the way, here is a review for Sophie and the Magic Flower from Amazon.com:

“Gabriele Ewerts has a nice flowing, descriptive style of writing which immediately captures your imagination and interest. Even though it is a book for children, I really enjoyed it. In fact, we ordered two Sophie and the Magic Flower books for two sets of grandchildren. Both boys and girls will enjoy it as there are girl and boy characters in the book for all to enjoy. I highly recommend Sophie and the Magic Flower. It would make a great movie!”


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