Sophie and the Magic Flower published today

Sophie and the Magic Flower, a middle-grade novel, is published now.

Twelve-year-old Sophie is desperate to get away from her quirky German foster mother. She misses her parents and just lost her brother as well. At his funeral, a mysterious old man named Master Eigil, with a bloody stump instead of a left hand, asks her to help him go home. Sophie is scared but must run from trouble and jumps through a portal that takes her into a strange land, the Isle of Nugateris. There she meets Flynden, his special cat and many more new friends, but their world is in trouble. A power-hungry man imprisons her and wants to know the whereabouts of Master Eigil. Only the magical Flora blossom can set things right in Nugateris. Can Sophie steal the flower and stay alive long enough to carry out the task and make it home herself?

I’m excited to finally share the story with everyone and hope you all like and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The book is available from and other book stores, and soon on Kindle. (

Love to hear what you think. Thanks for visiting.


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